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President: Rebecca McGonigle [email protected]

Treasurer: Brandon Whitacre [email protected]

Secretary: Jennifer Parlato [email protected]

A Meet (NVSL) Team Representative: Laura Mozeleski [email protected]

B Meet (WFDL) Team Representative: Lisa Campet [email protected]


Volunteer Coordinator: Karen Chapman [email protected]

Registrar: Beth Sibert

Officials: Kevin Molloy

Team Apparel / Suits: Suzanne Leonard

Snack Bar Coordinator: Meredith Jones, Mary McCarthy

Concessions: Bonnie Donnelly

Grill Team: Jeremy McGonigle

Activities: Stephanie Pilling

Banquet Coordinator: Lorency Maran, Nicole Hughes

Team Publicity: OPEN

A Meet Admin / Table Chief: Theresa Huffman

A Meet Chief Timer: Brandon Whitacre 

A Meet Data Coordinator: Robin O'Neail 

A Meet Clerk of Course: Tom Huffman 

A Meet Marshal: Patrick Brooks

A Meet Announcer: Sally Myers

B Meet Admin / Table Chief: OPEN

B Meet Chief Timer: David Harris

B Meet Data Coordinator: Rebecca McGonigle 

B Meet Clerk of Course: Allison McArthur

B Meet Marshal: OPEN

B Meet Announcer: Pharoan Johnson 

B Meet Ribbons: Susan Dickinson

BOARD OF DIRECTORS [email protected]

Patrick Brooks 

Diana O’Brien

Stacey Huse

Scott Chapman

Brian Myers


The Board of Directors appoints and gives guidance to the officers of the Swim Team.

The President is responsible for overall management, fund raising, and relations with the Community Board.

The Secretary takes notes at all team meetings and maintains the records for the Swim Team.

The Treasurer handles all financial issues.

The NVSL Team Representative is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the swim team program, including supervising coaches, swim meet preparation and meet management, and is the official spokesperson for our team in matters regarding NVSL meet arrangements, conduct, and league requirements. A Team Representative is present during all competitive events.

The WFDL Team Representative handles all meet preparations and league issues for our developmental meets on Monday nights.

The Volunteer Coordinator handles recruiting and coordinating all volunteers.

The Team Representative Assistant(s) assist the Team Representatives.

The Data Coordinator is responsible for entering and updating swimmers' time data, generating reports, and preparing meet materials.

The Officials Coordinator arranges for officials (referee, starter, stroke and turn) during home and away meets.

The Head Timers are responsible for getting timers for the NVSL and Developmental Swim Meets and function as Chief Timers during the meet.

The Table Chief is responsible for getting scorers, time recorders, and ribbon writers for the meets and function as Time Recorder during the meet.

The Concession and Grill Coordinators oversee our concession operations at all home meets and special events.

The Activities Coordinator arranges pep rallies, special non-swimming activities, trips.

The Team Publicity maintains a chronology of team members, records, and team achievements and provides stories to local media.

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