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Introduction of 2024 Officers

Brandon Whitacre has been elected Treasurer. “This summer will mark our 14th summer swimming for Sully Station. We have three boys Tyler (18), Tucker (16) and Hunter (11) who all are active on the team. We joined the summer swim team as a way to interact with our neighbors and for the boys to stay active during the summer - little did we know that would turn into a love of the sport for the entire family. My favorite part of summer swim is watching the mini stars in their annual lollipop race.”

Kelly Dent has been elected Secretary. “Hello, my name is Kelly Dent and I am excited to be the new secretary for Sully Station. My family and I have been a part of the Sully Swim Family since my twins, Peter (11) and Lilly (11) joined the team as Ministars in 2018. Since then, they have become confident swimmers who absolutely love being a part of SST. I am looking forward to my new volunteer role and am excited to spend the summer with old friends, make new friends and most of all to cheer on our wonderful kids. Go Sully!”

Leslie Whitacre has been elected A Meet Rep. "Hello, my name is Leslie Whitacre and I am the A Team Rep for Sully Station. My family and I have been a part of the SST family for 13 years; this summer will be our 14th. I have three boys - Tyler, age 18, Tucker, age 16, and Hunter, age 11.  I absolutely LOVE summer swim and I am beyond EXCITED to get the kids ‘in the water this summer’ and to reconnect with all of you. You will find me poolside this summer CHEERING ‘loudly and proudly’ for all of our SST swimmers."

Lisa Campet has been elected A Meet Assistant Rep. “Hello! My name is Lisa Campet and I am the current A Meet Assistant Rep for Sully Station. My family and I have been members of the Sully Swim team since 2012. I have three children. Ben is 16, Luke is 14 and Annabelle is 12. I look forward to meeting our new families and reconnecting with our veteran ones!”

Mary McCarthy has been elected B Meet Co-Team Rep.  "Hello! My name is Mary McCarthy and I am one of the B meet reps for Sully Station along with Meredith Jones. My family and I have been a part of the SST family since our oldest daughter started in mini stars back in 2017. I have two daughters - Erin age 11 and Arya age 10. For the past few years I have supported the team by volunteering as one of the snack shack coordinators. I am looking forward to another fun swim season and learning more about swim in my new volunteer role. Go Sully!"

Meredith Jones has been elected B Meet Co-Team Rep. "Hi!! My name is Meredith Jones and I am one of the new B Meet Rep’s for Sully Station. My family and I have been members of the Sully Swim team since 2017. I have 2 boys who are both proud SST’s and love summer swim. Dylan is 12 and Camden is 8. One of my favorite things about summer swim are the friendships made and seeing all the kiddos have FUN! Can’t wait for another season - Go SST!"

Now that you have a sense of who we are, where are we going?

  • Our swim team is a blast during the season and we will be extending that fun to include spirit nights at local restaurants in the coming months during the off-season, brought to us by the new social committee.
  • We will be seeking corporate sponsors to invest in the team and help us make some of the capital purchases that need to be made including but not limited to practice flags, announcer equipment, and lane line reel replacements.
  • We will also be partnering with the Sully Station HOA to host some fun community events.

We are looking forward to the season ahead and working hard behind the scenes to get it started. You can find the agendas and minutes to our meetings on the team website at https://www.gosully.com/officersmeeting-minutes. If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to reach out to any one of the officers.

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS [email protected]

Patrick Brooks

Brian Myers

Beth Sibert

Mat Campet

Michaela McMillan


President:  OPEN

Treasurer: Brandon Whitacre

Secretary: Kelly Dent

A Meet (NVSL) Team Representative: Leslie Whitacre

A Meet (NVSL) Assistant Team Representative:  Lisa Campet

B Meet (WFDL) Team Representative: Mary McCarthy, Meredith Jones


Volunteer Coordinator: Jocelyn Brooks

Registrar: Beth Sibert

Officials: Cherie Kronimus

Team Apparel / Suits: 

Snack Bar Coordinator: Danica Quigley

Concessions: OPEN

Grill Team: Joe O'Bryan, Laurie O'Bryan

Activities: OPEN

Banquet Coordinator: Kelly Dent, Bonnie Donnelly

Team Publicity: OPEN

A Meet Admin / Table Chief: OPEN

A Meet Chief Timer: Brandon Whitacre 

A Meet Data Coordinator: Vanessa Harris 

A Meet Clerk of Course: Allison McArthur

A Meet Marshal: Patrick Brooks

A Meet Announcer: Sally Myers

B Meet Admin / Table Chief: 

B Meet Chief Timer: David Harris

B Meet Data Coordinator: Nickie Wright

B Meet Clerk of Course: Bonnie Donnelly

B Meet Marshal: OPEN

B Meet Announcer: Sally Myers

B Meet Ribbons: Sam Wright


The Board of Directors appoints and gives guidance to the officers of the Swim Team.

The President is responsible for overall management, fund raising, and relations with the Community Board.

The Secretary takes notes at all team meetings and maintains the records for the Swim Team.

The Treasurer handles all financial issues.

The NVSL Team Representative is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the swim team program, including supervising coaches, swim meet preparation and meet management, and is the official spokesperson for our team in matters regarding NVSL meet arrangements, conduct, and league requirements. A Team Representative is present during all competitive events.

The WFDL Team Representative handles all meet preparations and league issues for our developmental meets on Monday nights.

The Volunteer Coordinator handles recruiting and coordinating all volunteers.

The Team Representative Assistant(s) assist the Team Representatives.

The Data Coordinator is responsible for entering and updating swimmers' time data, generating reports, and preparing meet materials.

The Officials Coordinator arranges for officials (referee, starter, stroke and turn) during home and away meets.

The Head Timers are responsible for getting timers for the NVSL and Developmental Swim Meets and function as Chief Timers during the meet.

The Table Chief is responsible for getting scorers, time recorders, and ribbon writers for the meets and function as Time Recorder during the meet.

The Concession and Grill Coordinators oversee our concession operations at all home meets and special events.

The Activities Coordinator arranges pep rallies, special non-swimming activities, trips.

The Team Publicity maintains a chronology of team members, records, and team achievements and provides stories to local media.

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