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    Hey Sully!

    What an insane week! 

    We had a fantastic B-Meet at home against Brookfield with so many personal bests!

    We of course can't forget about Relay Carnival! This was our first Relay Carnival victory since 2016 when Coach Mike was the coach! We were absolutely amazing during relay carnival, so a big thanks to everyone who swam, cheered, and to all the parents who helped us get this big win!

    We had 5 relays get selected to go to the All-Star Relay Carnival:

    Boys 8 & Under 100 Meter Medley Relay

    Boys 8 & Under 100 Meter Freestyle Relay

    Boys 13-14 200 Meter Medley Relay

    Boys 15-18 200 Meter Medley Relay

    Boys 15-18 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

    A huge congratulations to everyone who swam at relay carnival and to all our new All-Star swimmers!

    The A-Meet on Friday against Walden Glen was another great win, as we swam extremely well against them at their pool. That makes us 3-0 on the year with only two more A-Meets to go, let's finish strong!

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    Hey SST!

    Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July and had lots of fun!

    The B-Meet on Monday was a bit of a struggle, but at the end of the night we were able to get through Butterfly and a tiny bit of IM! A big THANK YOU to all our volunteers, parents, and swimmers who stuck around through the less than ideal conditions to swim. 

    Practices were a bit tougher this week, but I am very proud of our swimmers who were able to stick with it and push through, this makes us better swimmers!!

    It is getting hotter and hotter so it is important to bring water to all of our practices. It is unsafe to swim without hydrating. Even though we are in the water, we still need to drink water!

    The A-Meet was a lot of fun and our swimmers were amazing despite the loss. I believe we out-cheered Villa Aquatic at their own pool, which is half of the battle! Let's make sure to keep that energy up for our seniors for our last A-Meet of the Summer!

    Next week we have our last pep rally, which used to be our talent show, which has now been changed to a lip sync battle! I hope everyone can find a group to sign up and participate!

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    Hi Sully! 

    What a great week for swimming! We had All Star Relay Carnival and our All Stars showed out! We broke two records and had some AMAZING swims on Wednesday: 

    BOYS 8&UNDER 100 METER MEDLEY RELAY (Raymond Kieffer, Darwin Quigley, Colton Quigg, Landon Costello) came in 4th place and broke our team record with a super fast time of 1:25.64! 

    BOYS 8&UNDER 100 METER FREESTYLE RELAY (Landon Costello, Colton Quigg, Caleb Kieffer, Raymond Kieffer) came in 12th with a time of 1:15.93!

    BOYS 13-14 200 METER MEDLEY RELAY (Luke Campet, Devin Harris, Quinn Zenyuh, Ryan Sholders) came in 12th place and broke our team record with a time of 2:03.85! 

    BOYS 15-18 200 METER MEDLEY RELAY (Tyler Whitacre, Tucker Whitacre, Ben Campet, Harrison Brooks) came in 13th place with a time of 1:53.01! 

    BOYS 15-18 200 METER FREESTYLE RELAY (Tucker Whitacre, Ben Campet, Harrison Brooks, Tyler Whitacre) came in 17th with a time of 1:43.43! 

    A HUGE CONGRATS to all of our All Star Relays!!! 

    Our last A meet of the season, and senior meet, was super exciting! There were a lot of time drops and too many exciting races to handle! Even though we still have the divisional meet to look forward to, we are going to miss our amazing seniors! 

    Parker Brooks 

    Jakob Huse 

    Kennedy O'Neail 

    Keira O'Neail 

    Owen Donnelly 

    Lucas Boettcher 

    Let's finish strong for our last week! (Last one fast one)

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