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    WEEK 6:


    Another win in the books! Our swimmers were awesome yesterday! Another big thank you to our volunteers. 

    This week we are gearing up for divisionals and we will be getting swimmer feedback on what they would like to swim on Saturday at Hollin Meadows! This Tuesday night is Teem Night for our 13&up swimmers at the pool from 8pm-10pm! Raft Night is also this Wednesday at the pool! 

    Our "Hardest Worker" award from last week was Paolo Cortez! This week, we will be giving some more individual attention to our swimmers and finish the week off with a Super Fun Friday! 

    - Coach Logan

    WEEK 5:


    Another crazy A-meet! What a crazy finish! I am beyond proud of our swimmers, as they really showed out on Saturday. Another big thanks to our volunteers, you guys are the reason we are able to have these meets in the first place. We celebrated our amazing Sully Seniors on Saturday:

    Jonathan Kronimus

    Leah Mozeleski

    Julian Savage

    James Kruk

    These seniors are not only great swimmers, but amazing role models.

    Last week, our "Hardest Worker" award went to Ben Campet! This week, we will start to gear up for divisionals and end our summer with test sets to see how much we have improved. The goal will be to give our swimmers some more individualized attention to prepare them for the last couple of meets. On Monday, we will announce "Fast As Lightning" awards. On Friday, we will announce the A-meet lineup AND have treat day, so be sure to come!

    -Coach Logan

    WEEK 4:


    Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone had fun at practice today! Great win last Saturday at the A-meet! Everyone swam extremely well! 

    Now, our sights are set on Relay Carnival this Wednesday on 7/6/22! This is my favorite meet of the year where it is only relays competing against each other! There are two relays for each gender and age group (freestyle & medley) along with the mixed age relays. We will announce who will be in the relay carnival relays on Tuesday morning practice, so be sure to be there! Even if you are not swimming, PLEASE come and cheer for your fellow swimmers because the relay carnival is at our pool and we want to be loud and proud for everyone swimming!

    Last week our "Hardest Worker" award went to Devin Harris! This week in practices, we will be doing a lot of technique work and lots of starts and turns! On Friday, we will announce the A-meet lineup and have treat day at the end of practice! 

    -Coach Logan

    WEEK 4:


    Wow! A crazy win in the books for our second A-meet! So proud of all our swimmers! That may have been the loudest I have heard Sully in a long time. A big congrats to all the "Fast As Lightning" award winners! Also congrats to Layla Ray who won the "Hardest Worker" award this week!

    This week in practice we will work on sprints and conditioning. The goal is to work so hard that our swimmers can look at a 200 butterfly race and say, "that's so easy!"

    This Friday is double treat day (thanks to Centreville Swim Club) and we will be announcing the lineup/meet sheet for the A-meet on Saturday. We are also announcing our "Fast As Lightning" awards AND the "Hardest Worker" award this Friday before practice starts, so be sure to come to practice!

    -Coach Logan

    WEEK 3:


    What a crazy week! The A-meet on Saturday was absolutely electric! A big thanks to ALL the volunteers who made this possible! Our swimmers showed up and showed out! Even though there were some hardships, we were super competitive and loud and I couldn't be more proud of this team! 

    This week in practice, we will be working primarily on sprinting and breathing patterns, with conditioning work as well. 

    This Wednesday is picture day! Please bring your Sully swim suit and your best smile!

    This Friday is treat day and we will be announcing the lineup/meet sheet for the A-meet on Saturday. We are also announcing our "Fast As Lightning" awards AND the "Hardest Worker" award this Friday before practice starts, so be sure to come to practice!

    -Coach Logan

    WEEK 2: 


    Hey Sully! Time Trials was amazing, it was so great to see you all there this past weekend. The B-meet was even better up until the storm came through. We had so many personal bests from the B-meet it was crazy! I hope everyone had a great time and was having fun at the B-meet and Time Trials. 

    Practice times are now in the morning so please be sure to show up ready to work for the rest of the summer. Looking forward, we will begin to review the four main strokes and work on more of the details and develop more advanced techniques for them! We are introducing a new award this summer called the "Hardest Worker" Award. This new award will be announced with the "Fast as Lightning" Award that is also coming back this summer on Friday Mornings! 

    On Friday, we will disclose the swimmers for the first A-meet of the summer, so be sure to show up to practice on Friday because it is also treat day!

    -Coach Logan

    WEEK 1: 


    Hey Sully! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Even though there were some cancelled practices, the first week went really well overall! A big thanks to all the parents and SST swim board for getting us up and running for this first week, we could not have done it without you! It's beyond amazing to once again see our returning swimmers and welcome our new swimmers to the team. 

    We came out swinging with last week's practices. We focused on most of the main strokes and technique with some speed work thrown in as well. They were definitely on the hard side for the most part, but I am glad to see so many swimmers take on the challenge. The practices will get easier as the summer continues, but it is important to shake off the rust and prepare for Time Trials which is on Saturday 6/11! 

    This week we will finish technique for all four strokes and begin working on starts, under-waters, turns, and finishes which make or break a race, so be sure to come to this week's practices!

    I wish everyone the best of luck in finishing out the school year with finals and end of the year projects!

    See everyone at practice!

    -Coach Logan

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