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    WEEK 7


    It never ceases to amaze me every year how quickly summer swim flies by. This summer was no different. We’re headed into our final B meet tomorrow! To think on day one, over 90% of our 8&unders couldn’t even float on their backs and now watching many of them swim breast and fly legally is mind boggling. Our 9-10s were probably in the toughest position heading into this season. A few of them were on mini team in 2019 and had to transition to swimming 50s with flip turns. And they did!! Every day I come to practice and see our swimmers having fun and genuinely enjoying each other’s company makes me think back to a year ago when none of this was possible. I’m so glad we had this family and community to return to. Thank you everyone who made this season possible. Let's finish strong and show our #SullyStrength at Divisionals!

    This week’s stroke and turn clinic will include divisional prep: one day for each event. Is there something specific you’d like to work on? Sign up and we’ll work on your concerns! Monday is free, Tuesday is back, Wednesday is breast, Thursday is fly, and Friday is IM.

    Coach Leah  

    WEEK 6


    There were so many achievements that I want to highlight from this week. Our 13-14 boys medley relay placed 18th in the league after Relay Carnival! Way to go boys! Our coaches relay also took first place at Relay Carnival, extending our 20-year winning streak! Thank you to all the swimmers who cheered us on! 

    At the B meet against Little Rocky Run, our volunteer coaches ROCKED IT by helping get our swimmers to clerk of course on time as well as directing swimmers to talk to the coaches following their races. Logan, Elise, and I were thrilled with the number of kids who came to us for feedback. Every swimmer improved because of it. Thank you volunteer coaches!!

    At the A meet against Greenbriar, Elyse M., Linley S., Josie K., and Frank S. all stepped up to swim when their teammates were sick or unavailable at the last minute. Caleb and Ray K. swam in their first ever A meet having recently turned 6, and Sienna S. overcame her fears and rocked her 8&under breast and fly! Moreover, Abby H. swam her events with ear plugs regardless of her swimmers’ ear because her team needed her, and Jake M. showcased his spirit as the true king of Sully (we are not worthy!). I wish all of you were there to see these amazing feats! Remember, ALL swimmers and families are invited to attend and cheer at our A meets- not just qualifying swimmers!

    This week we will focus on hitting our details while sprinting. Putting all the puzzle pieces together that we’ve worked all summer to acquire. This week’s clinic will be open to swimmers of all ages (every day) and will focus on stroke technique. Monday will be freestyle, Tuesday will be backstroke, Wednesday will be dives, Thursday will be breaststroke, and Friday will be butterfly. These clinics are perfect for those swimmers legal or *very* close to being legal who still need a few adjustments to reach their goals before the end of the season. Let’s get better together!

    See you at the pool,

    Coach Leah

    WEEK 5


    Congratulations to ALL Sully members on a great win on Saturday! I was thrilled that we could honor our 2020 and 2021 Seniors by celebrating their journeys on the team, the friendships they made, and the lasting impressions they will leave behind. How fortunate are we to have had each and every one of them!! It was the perfect day full of positive energy, great competition, and that infamous Sully spirit! WE LOVE YOU, SENIORS!!!!!

    This is the time of year where we kick it into high gear! We’ve spent the past month establishing our stroke and skill technique, and now we are ready to move into the next phase of fine tuning our skills and learning how to race. And as always, we’ll balance this out with lots of fun during practices! Don’t forget that tomorrow (Monday, July 5th) will be our Fourth of July practice and every Friday we celebrate “Friendship Friday” with games and a treat after practice 😊 We also have some great pep rallies planned in the next few weeks! Did you know we’re having our annual Talent Show on the 16th? Start planning now!!!

    Because our B meet on the 12th vs Pleasant Valley (a week from tomorrow) has IM as the first event, this week’s clinic is focused on IM transitions. Want to learn a crossover turn? Come on Tuesday and Thursday! Link to sign up is here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0f44afa72ba7fe...

    Happy 4th of July, everyone! Safe travels!

    Coach Leah

    WEEK 4:


    We had 68 best times at our Monday night meet against Oakton and another 54 on Saturday against Dominion Hills! Way to go Sully!! Also, shout out to our grill team for making some banging food at the pep rally on Friday! If you weren’t able to stop by this past week, make sure you come this week because you’re missing out.

    This week’s technique will be focused on breast, fly, and dives. We’ll be incorporating some fast free and backstroke as well. This week’s clinic will be focused on open turns and butterfly. I encourage everyone to take advantage of these clinics because the vast majority of our practices will be focused on stroke technique and dives. Let’s have another awesome week!

    See you at the pool,

    Coach Leah

    WEEK 3:


    Happy Father's Day!

    I am so unbelievably proud of how our team performed on Saturday! We had 79 best times from 49 swimmers! That's over 84% of our participants who swam faster than time trials!! Shoutout to our 8&unders some of whom couldn't even float on their backs the first day of practice and who are now not only competing in multiple events but also dropping TONS of time doing it!!!

    This week our focus will be improving our freestyle. Not only will this help build confidence and self efficacy in our new swimmers, but will serve us well as we get closer to divisional relays where each age group also competes in a all freestyle relay.

    Need more help on your backstroke and flipturns? Don't forget to check out our clinic schedule this week!


    Coach Leah

    WEEK 2:


    Hi Team!

    Ok so week 2 and Time Trials are down! I was pleasantly surprised with our performance at TT and learned a lot about what exactly our team needs moving forward. We spent the majority of our time last week on backstroke flip turns (and those were great at TT!) but because we got rained out on Thursday and Friday and couldn’t work on them, we had a lot of DQs on our breaststroke underwaters and open turns. Because of this, I am making those the focus of our clinics this week. We have a lot of work to do before Saturday and Monday, so I’m going to try and fit as much as possible into the next few practices. Attendance will be extremely important! I am also working on developing a way to communicate DQs with parents and swimmers. My hope is to have a “Tune Up Tuesday” in which a coach pulls swimmers aside 1-on-1 to discuss the event infraction(s) and work on the corresponding problem area(s). More on this to come! For now, see everyone BRIGHT AND EARLY! Yay for morning practice!!!!


    Coach Leah

    WEEK 1: 


    Hey Sully! Wow, what a great first week! It honestly doesn’t even feel like we took a hiatus in 2020… well, except for the fact that the majority of your children grew a foot or two. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, our coaches, and our amazing volunteers for the hard work and behind the scenes action it took to get us up and running so smoothly. And I also wanted to thank you parents for your continued adaptability. It feels so good to be back on deck with your kids!

    This past week we hit all four strokes, flip turns, and a few dives when the weather was nice. I’m hoping that the water will continue to warm up so I can work more dives with our younger athletes. Every Friday we start practice with our meet warm up. This not only makes our meet warm ups more efficient, but also helps our swimmers feel more comfortable at meets (rituals and routines help ease meet anxiety). This week I’m going to hit all four strokes again, backstroke flip turns, open turns, dives, and event rules. Lots to do!! Can't wait to get started.

    See you at the pool!

    Coach Leah

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