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2023 Meet Schedule

Saturday June 10 SST Time Trials

Saturday June 17  "A" Meet at HOME vs. Arlington Forest

Monday June 19 "B" Meet at Pleasant Valley

Saturday June 24 "A" Meet at Camelot

Monday June 26 "B" Meet HOME vs. Brookfield

Wednesday, June 28 Division Relay Carnival at Villa Aquatic

Saturday July 1 "A" Meet at Walden Glen

Monday, July 3 "B" Meet at Virginia Run

Saturday July 8 "A" Meet at Villa Aquatic

Monday July 10  "B" Meet at Oakton

Wednesday July 12  NVSL All Star Relays at Hamlet

Saturday July 15  "A" Meet at  HOME vs. Parklawn

Monday July 17  "B" Meet at HOME vs. Little Rocky Run

Saturday July 22  Divisionals at Arlington Forest

Saturday July 29  NVSL Individual All Stars at Orange Hunt

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Meets Explained


An organized time trial will be held on SATURDAY, JUNE 10, one week before the first NVSL Dual “A” Meet. It is run as an official meet with a referee, a starter, timers, and stroke-and-turn judges. Its purpose is to familiarize swim team members and officials with the manner in which meets are conducted and to establish times so the coaches will have a better idea of the swimmers' abilities. Swimmers for the first Saturday morning A meet are chosen based on the times swum at Time Trials. All team members are expected to attend and to swim every stroke they can.


Five NVSL Dual "A" Meets are held on Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM. At the end of the season, a trophy is awarded to the team that wins the most meets within its division. These meets consist of 52 events - 40 individual and 12 relays. Boys and girls swim separately in five age groups (8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18). Swimmers compete in the group corresponding to their age as of JUNE 1.

Individual events are held in each of the four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) for each age group. One relay event is held in each age group, plus a mixed-age relay. 8 & unders and mixed-age swim freestyle relay and the other age groups swim medley relay. Both teams enter three swimmers in each individual event and one four-swimmer team in each relay event. A swimmer is limited to two individual events and one age-group relay. NVSL ribbons are awarded for first, second, and third place finishes. Our team also awards fourth, fifth, and sixth place ribbons.

Because these meets are a team effort and scored, the coaches determine who swims in each event. Swimmers are notified during practice on Friday mornings. Swimmers may be asked to swim something other than their best or favorite event in order to score points for the team. We expect everyone to cooperate with the coaches’ decisions.


Five WFDL Developmental "B" Meets are held on Monday evenings at 6:00 PM. These meets consist of all the individual events listed above, as well as individual medley (IM) for all age groups plus separate freestyle and backstroke events for 6 & unders. No relay events are held at B meets. For “official” competitors, ribbons are awarded for first through sixth place and competitor ribbons are awarded to all other swimmers.

While B Meets are open to all team members, these meets are held mainly for those swimmers who do not swim in "A" meets. With this in mind, there are entry limitations that give developing swimmers the chance to win official races and ribbons. More competitive swimmers also have the chance to participate in "unofficial" swims to improve their times.

Swimmers select the events they wish to swim, according to the eligibility rules. Sign ups are conducted online using the link on our website www.gosully.com. Sign ups will open on Wednesday prior to the meet and will be closed and FINAL as of 6PM Saturday before the meet. B Meets are "pre-seeded", so meet-day changes are not possible. Swimmers who have not signed up on time cannot be added and events that have been finalized cannot be changed.To prevent mistakes, we recommend that any swimmer participating in the Saturday "A" Meet consider waiting to sign up for the Monday "B" Meet until right after the Saturday meet, but no later than 6PM.


Each division conducts a Relay Carnival held on a Wednesday evening in the middle of the season. Every team may send two relays for each age group and two mixed-age relays. One of the relays is an all freestyle relay and the other is a medley relay which consists of four swimmers each swimming a different stroke in the following order: back, breast, fly, free. Coaches select the swimmers for these events. This is a scored meet and a trophy is awarded to the division winner. 


The relay teams with the 18 fastest times from all 17 NVSL Divisional Relay Carnivals meets swum that day will be eligible to compete in the same event at the All Star Relay Carnival – or “All Star Relays” - held Wednesday afternoon the following week.


Each division holds a Divisional Individual Championship Meet - or “Divisionals” - at the conclusion of the regular season. This Divisional Meet consists of the same individual events as a dual meet with the addition of Individual Medley for all age groups except 8 & unders. Each team in the division is allowed two swimmers per event. There are no relay events at Divisionals.

Coaches will check with eligible swimmers the week before Divisionals to see which events they would like to swim. Each swimmer is allowed to swim a maximum of two events. The swimmers with the fastest two times on the team in an event in each age group will usually swim that event. If a swimmer has one of the top two times in more than two events, they may pick which two events they want to swim. In this case, a swimmer with the third or even fourth fastest time in an event may qualify to swim it in Divisionals. If one of the other teams in our division is unable to fill their lanes, the fastest time from one of the other teams will be used to fill the lane. Therefore, there could be more than two swimmers from one team in an event. Awards are given for each of the 12 place finishes. First through sixth place finishers receive a plaque and seventh through twelfth receive a ribbon. This meet is the qualifying meet for the NVSL All Star Individual Championship Meet, or “All Stars”. 


The swimmers with the 18 fastest times from all 17 NVSL Divisional meets swum that day will be eligible to compete in the same event at the All Star Meet the following Saturday. Because of the quality of the swimming in the NVSL, making All Stars is a tremendous accomplishment. 

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