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The Sully Station Swim Team provides all team members, regardless of ability or previous experience, the opportunity to develop and improve swimming skills and to acquire a strong sense of personal achievement. Started in 1989, the Sully Station Swim Team has become the focal point of our community during the summer. Over 70 families participate each year. Our pool is located at the Sully Station Community Center at 5101 Sequoia Farms Drive, Centreville, VA 20120.

The governing philosophy of our Swim Team is to provide a wholesome environment for our swimmers to have fun, learn good sportsmanship, make new friends, and build strong team spirit while receiving excellent instruction. Team members participate in many activities, including swim meets, relay carnivals, ice cream socials, pizza parties, pep rallies, movies, and more.

The Sully Station Swim Team is a member of the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) which was founded in 1956 to sponsor competitive swimming and diving among community pools and to develop "a love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship." The NVSL is the largest summer swim league in the United States with over 17,000 participating swimmers. The league is organized into 17 divisions of 6 teams each. Teams are seeded into the divisions by overall "speed" rather than by size or location (Division 1 teams being the “fastest”). The league reseeds the teams each year to keep each division as competitive as possible.

In 1989, Sully Station started in Division 17. This year, we are in Division 9. Each Saturday morning, Sully Station will participate in a scored dual "A" meet with one of these teams to compete for the Division Championship.

Sully Station is also a member of the Western Fairfax Developmental League (WFDL) formed to aid in the stroke development of all swimmers. The WFDL consists of 8 local teams. The other teams are Brookfield, Greenbriar, Pleasant Valley, Poplar Tree, Little Rocky Run, Oakton, and Virginia Run. Each Monday evening, Sully Station will participate in a developmental "B" meet with one of these teams. Team scores are not kept but individual times are recorded. These meets allow all swimmers to compete and afford the swimmers the opportunity to improve their times.


All pool members eighteen years of age or younger are eligible and encouraged to join the swim team. Swim team participants must have full pool privileges, either as Sully Station Community homeowners or as "Outside Members" ($625 application) of Sully Station Pool. Except where otherwise specified by coaches, swimmers practice and compete in the age group according to their age on JUNE 1. By rule, swimmers may not compete in a younger age group, but may compete in a higher age group. Motivation and desire are an important part of being a team member. Although Sully Station has a strong developmental program and our coaches will work with new swimmers, safety is our main concern. For this reason, all new swimmers will be evaluated by the coaches during the first week of practice. The team also has a Mini-Star program that is aimed at younger children who are comfortable in the water but are not yet ready for full practices. Our swim team has been successful because of the active participation of both returning and new swimmers.

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